The Approach

Horse Guidance has a purpose:

To escort you to become more conscious and find out who you really Are, from your own Authentic Self.

  • Do you know the sensation of your energy being drained from you?
  • Do you feel misunderstood and don't know why?
  • Do you need support trusting your own intuition?
  • Do you ever look inside and ask yourself who you really are?
  • Do you know that your body is a far better guide into the meaning of your emotions, than your brain?
  • Do you know that even your thoughts influence your environment?

Whoever you are, you are worthy to take a deeper look inside, access your authentic power, understand your life calling and access a deeper, more creative Source of wisdom.
All the answers are within yourself and waiting to be known.

Horse Guidance is based on Universal Knowledge combined with the Eponaquest principles.

Universal knowledge, meaning as the indigenous people understand it, a feeling of gratitude and respect for All-that-is.
This knowledge is available to all of us, ready to be tapped into, tuned into…for our highest good and potential.

Do you dream, "know", sense somebody else's mood?
Scientists have proved that only 8 to15 % of our communication is verbal, which leaves 85 to 92% of our communication as non-verbal.
Your inner knowing may well be more real than any words -yours or mine- that we believe.

We believe it a gift, an opportunity and a challenge to improve, with the help of horses, our mind-body awareness and recognition of non-verbal content surrounding us from our world of relationships. There is a lot to explore. The Heartmath Institute in Colorado, USA, ( investigates electromagnetic fields: our heart's for instance, and our brain's. The magnetic field of our heart appears to be 5.000 times stronger than our brain's magnetic field. And they communicate together and our heart with somebody else's brain, and so on. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake speaks of the one morfogenetic field: everything is connected with everything. Prof. dr. Bruce Lipton found out that it is not our DNA or genes that directs our behavior, but our beliefs -true or not true beliefs- are capable of changing our genetic codes!
So much to become aware of. What the bleep do we know?  

We know that one way to access our Authentic True Power and Knowledge is with the help of horses. Not too surprising, as horses have big hearts and guts (gutfeelings) and are willing to be our teachers, by mirroring our own inner knowledge. They respond immediately to our energy, emotions and (in-)congruency; they are therefore great teachers to us, mirroring our state of being in the moment.

Linda Kohanov, internationally acclaimed author of "De Tao van Equus", "Riding between two worlds" , "The Way of the Horse" and recently "The Power of the Herd, A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership and Innovation", is the founder of Epona Equestrian Services in Arizona, USA. We use the Eponaquest approach with horses to facilitate you.

Using the Eponaquest philosophies we will explore to: 


  • Become conscious and aware of what is still influencing our behavior in a subconsious way
  • Trust our intuition, our Authentic knowledge
  • Use emotions and feelings as information, without judgement, and develop emotional agility
  • Access your true emotions and your real feelings
  • Trust in yourself
  • Set healthy personal boundaries
  • Understand and develop non-verbal communication
  • Balance the non-verbal communication between your head and your heart
  • Deepen relationships (starting with yourself)
  • Enhance assertiveness skills
  • All in a nonpredatory way!

Leading to: 


  • Learning to release, let go
  • True confidence and self esteem
  • Improved focus
  • More harmonious relationships
  • Improved social intelligence
  • Authentic power
  • Authentic leadership

We will be grateful to help you explore, find your answers.

Previous horse experience is not necessary.

We offer clinics, workshops and individual sessions.